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What is business law?

Business law are the laws and regulations that govern businesses, brands and companies. These laws set standards for how companies operate and protect the rights of the company and people who work for it. There are numerous practice areas to business law and at Blake Harris Law we offer services in technology transactions, fund formation and administration, corporate restructuring, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and start-up law.

How is my business protected under business laws?

When you start a business or invest in one there are a number of risks that are involved but with an experienced business lawyer providing guidance, your financial business investment will be secure. A business lawyer will provide you with a legal strategy that is specifically suited for your company or investment needs. With that in place you will protect your personal assets should your business come into jeopardy, attain signed contracts that create new opportunities versus restricting your future growth, ensure you maintain ownership of your patents or intellectual property, plus many other ways to secure your company and business investments.

Business Law Strategies

Depending on the nature and size of your business (whether it is a start-up, small, medium or large company) will dictate the needs and legal strategies that should be put in place to protect and help your company thrive. With the right legal strategy, you will be able to retain ownership of intellectual property, create partnerships that will help the business grow and scale, and document policies that will line the business up for long-term success. There are a number of areas in business law that will support your legal strategy for a successful and profitable business.

What areas of business law does Blake Harris Law offer?

There are many aspects to business law and at Blake Harris Law we offer a number of legal services including technology transactions, fund formation and administration, corporate restructuring, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and start-up law.

Technology Transactions

Our technology transactions team provide legal counsel on commercial issues and objectives that include multijurisdictional technology and IP address related transactions that can include mergers and acquisitions; software and information technology licensing and purchasing; patent licensing and monetization; outsourcing; and development, collaboration, join-venture, and distribution deals.

Fund Formation and Administration

Part of our business law services include advising clients on how to structure new funds. We help in every facet of the fund formation process from organizing a fund structure to defining a fund investment strategys and policies to preparing legal materials to negotiating agreements, and so much more.

Corporate Restructuring

Large or small, businesses no matter the size will go through a corporate restructuring at some point. Corporate restructuring is usually an action taken place to significantly adjust capital structure or its operations. Often it is financial reasons as to when corporate restructuring occurs like if there is a merger or consolidation, a corporate buyout/acquisition, a corporate takeover, a recapitalization, or a divestiture (spinoff and split-offs).

Private Equity

Blake Harris Law’s private equity lawyers assist individuals and private equity firms negotiate the terms when buying or investing in businesses as well as advise on taxes and disclosure when selling a company. Our lawyers have an expertise in mergers and acquisitions, finance, tax law, commercial business, and competition law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

One of our business law specialties is mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Mergers and acquisitions deal with the merging of two companies, which consequently form a new legal entity under a new business name. And acquisition involves the purchase of another company/companies. Within M&A there are different types of transactions including consolidations, tender offers, acquisition of assets, and management acquisitions, as well as different ways of merging or combining companies into a new entity like horizontal mergers, vertical mergers, congeneric mergers, market-extension mergers, product-extension mergers, conglomerations, purchase mergers, consolidation mergers, and reverse mergers. Each type of M&A have legal ramifications that require a business law attorney who can draft, negotiate and execute contractual agreements for all parties involved.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is a type of financing that investors provide to start-up companies that have already grown quickly or have exponential growth potential. Investors will generally receive equity within the company and will have influence over company decisions. Those investors are referred to as venture capitalists. Since venture capital generally involves a large sum investment from a venture capitalist, often legal counsel is sought after by the venture capitalist as well as start-up companies. Venture capital legal counsel covers a wide range of legal and business matters like intellectual property protection, policy work, employment laws, securities laws, tax regulations, market insights, and much more. We regularly work on both sides of the equation advising both venture capitalists and start-up companies on how to establish and operate effectively within venture capital opportunities.

Start-Up Law

When start-up businesses form seeking legal counsel is often the last thing on the to-do list. First is the business model; second is selling product; and third is growth. However, it is extremely important to have a skilled start-up lawyer to act as outside general counsel throughout the company’s lifecycle. At Blake Harris Law, our start-up lawyers guide clients in a variety of ways including the formation of the business; raising capital from angel investors and venture capitalists; advising on legal and business issues as the start-up scales; and even helping to facilitate a M&A or taking the company public in an IPO.

Business Law Glossary of Important Terms

Here are some important terms to learn when it comes to business law:

Why Choose Blake Harris Law?

Business law is very complex and requires much more knowledge than just knowing legal regulations. It takes an experienced business lawyer to not only understand business law across jurisdictions, but that attorney needs to understand business itself, keep up with how the market fluctuates, know how taxation impacts earnings, has an eye for critical investment opportunities, knowledge of intellectual property, and much, much more. Our business law team at Blake Harris Law are not only tenured attorneys but have the type of business knowledge it takes to ensure your company operates smoothly and your business investments are protected.