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Prenup vs. Trust: Which Is Right For Your Asset Protection? 

Before your wedding day, putting the proper legal arrangements in place to protect your assets can save you a lot of stress and headaches down the line. People often think of prenuptial agreements as the only pre-marriage asset protection plans. But did you know an asset protection trust may accomplish the same goals — and […]

The Risks of “Relocating” Asset Protection Trusts

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A recent legal invention in asset protection planning is a relocating trust that proponents claim can provide the same level of protection as an offshore trust while providing more flexibility in managing those assets. These trusts are generally offered as an alternative to offshore trusts that are supposed to be less costly, easier to set […]

Key Factors In Picking Offshore Jurisdiction

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Offshore jurisdictions are often used for asset protection due to their favorable tax and privacy laws, and their strong asset protection statutes. Naturally, asset protection laws vary by jurisdiction and can be complex. However, there are some jurisdictions that are commonly considered to be the best for asset protection trusts due to their protective legislation […]

Cook Islands Trusts Caselaw

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Offshore asset protection trusts have been used by people in the United States for over 40 years. With such a lengthy track record, it is no surprise that several cases involving offshore trusts have made their way to state and federal courts. While offshore asset protection trusts provide the highest level of legal protection, as […]

The Best Solutions for Real Estate Asset Protection

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When you own real property, whether as an investment, your personal residence, or other real estate holdings, you need an effective strategy to protect your real estate assets. There are several real estate asset protection strategies available for lawsuit protection and to limit risk from creditor claims. Creditors’ claims and lawsuit settlements could all threaten your […]

The Best Asset Protection Attorney

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If you are a high-net-worth individual looking into potentially setting up an asset protection plan, you are probably hoping to find the best advice possible. But finding the best asset protection attorney might prove a challenging task. The internet is full of websites with advertisements and information regarding asset protection and related legal services, often […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Have for an Offshore Trust?

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If you’re looking for a way to guard your assets against lawsuits, business disputes, and creditors, setting up an offshore trust can be a smart choice. You may wonder, “How much money do you need to have for an offshore trust?” The short answer is that it depends. Some jurisdictions, trusts, and offshore trust service […]

How to Move Assets into an Offshore Trust (and Why You Should)

When you think of offshore trusts, images of shady corporations stashing their money away to avoid taxes or commit financial crimes may come to mind. Although offshore trusts sometimes are portrayed negatively in movies and the media, they actually offer a legitimate and legal way to protect your assets from creditors, divorce, and other entities […]

When Do You Need an Offshore Trust To Protect Your Assets?

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Do you have several high-value assets? Are you in a field like medicine, engineering, or a different high-income industry where you could face judgments in lawsuits? When do you need an offshore trust over other asset protection measures to guard your real estate, investments, cryptocurrency, and other assets? Offshore trusts maintain your assets in foreign […]

Real Estate Asset Protection Attorney

When you own property, one mistake can put everything you’ve worked for during your lifetime at risk. Many people believe that an insurance policy can protect them from lawsuits, settlements, and debt payments, but policy limits and claim exclusions can leave your real estate holdings vulnerable. A real estate asset protection attorney can help protect […]