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Blake Harris Law was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing top-notch asset protection services at affordable rates. Our mission is to provide our clients with lifetime financial guidance and peace of mind. Our attorneys specialize in tangible and digital asset protection.

Our Practice Areas

Our legal services have grown since 2013 from estate planning and asset protection to also include cryptocurrency and business law. For years we have received requests from our clients for legal counsel in business law and, more recently, a spike in interest in the legal aspects of cryptocurrency. We’ve heard these requests and taken action. At Blake Harris Law, we have expanded our team of estate planning and asset protection attorneys to include tenured, experienced lawyers with specialties in business law and cryptocurrency to ensure your business thrives and your crypto investments are protected and remain profitable. Our legal service offerings include:

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Why You Need an Asset Protection Law Firm

As you work hard to earn your wealth that often does not go unnoticed and can attract risk in the form of lawsuits, malpractice claims, creditors, business disputes, and other high-risk situations. At Blake Harris Law, we often see clients who have become susceptible to these risks and, unfortunately, do not have an asset protection strategy in place to preserve their digital and tangible assets for themselves and their family’s future. A person can lose up to half of their net worth in a lawsuit just because they are not prepared. This is why we encourage anyone considering an asset protection plan to start now.

How to Get Started with Our Miami Office

Planning your asset protection strategy does not need to be a daunting task. With just a few hours of careful planning with an experienced attorney, you’ll be able to safeguard any number of assets and cryptocurrency investments from unwanted risk.

When you contact our Miami team, you’ll find the process of establishing an asset protection plan is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Our attorneys will identify your individual financial needs and goals. From there, we’ll guide you through anything from cataloging your digital assets and the value of those assets to creating your will’s legal structure to establishing an offshore trust, among many other legal services. Plus, we’ll explain every legal process involved along the way.

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Our commitment to our clients remains our highest priority. At Blake Harris Law, we look forward to serving our current and future clients for all of their asset protection needs.

You can trust our Miami team to provide superior legal services to help secure and protect your financial future for you and your loved ones. Call us today via phone at 786-559-1209 or via email at