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Asset Protection

There’s no one way to protect assets. Asset protection is a multistep strategy — from buying insurance and moving assets to different accounts to creating corporations and trusts. The process may seem complicated, but I’ll guide you at every turn. Learn More Titanium TrustSM

Domestic Asset Protection

Domestic asset protection trusts are often a more affordable and simpler alternative to offshore trusts. Depending on the nature and size of your assets, a domestic trust can provide some legal protection while allowing you to use and enjoy your assets. Learn MoreNevada APT

Offshore Asset Protection

Offshore trusts are established and managed under the laws of a foreign country. Because offshore trusts aren’t subject to the jurisdiction of your home country’s courts, it’s extremely difficult for creditors and other plaintiffs to reach your assets. Learn MoreCook Island TrustNevis TrustNevis LLC

Crypto Asset Protection

On its own, cryptocurrency provides a minor degree of asset protection due to its anonymous nature. However, this protection isn’t absolute. Crypto can be just as exposed as any other assets in the event of litigation, so it’s important to have additional protections in place. Learn More

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