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The 5 Best Asset Protection States

Asset protection is the process of arranging your financial affairs so that it is more difficult for your property to be taken away from you by creditor claims or lawsuits. We often hear about asset protection trusts in celebrity divorce proceedings or when a wealthy businessman engages in estate planning strategies to give money away […]

What Is An Asset Protection Trust?

man covering his coin to represent asset protection

An asset protection trust is a legal safeguard to your financial assets from creditors, malpractice claims, lawsuits, and other financial threats.

Are there Banks that Accept Cryptocurrency?

bitcoin logo on a blue background to represent cryptocurrency and banks

Banks and Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency has recently soared to become a common form of digital currency in the last few years. However, with cryptocurrency’s rise in popularity for investment opportunities and as a form of payment for products or services through online suppliers, not all domestic and foreign banks recognize it as a viable form of […]

The Role of a Trustee and Their Discretionary Power


It is quite fitting that the word “trust” features prominently in the word trustee. This is because when you name someone as a trustee, you are literally placing your unlimited trust in them because you will be feeling the effects of their actions that you cannot always control. In other words, they control assets that […]