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At Blake Harris Law our number one commitment is to our clients and their financial investment concerns. We’ve seen our clients’ investments diversify to include digital-based currency investments, and with that we’ve pivoted our legal services to offer legal counsel in cryptocurrency. As we continue to provide our clients legal guidance, we are happy to expand our legal offerings to crypto asset protection, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), exchange compliance, initial coin offerings, (ICOs), SEC compliance filings, token sales and exchange listings, and cryptocurrency tax compliance, in addition to our legal services in estate planning, asset protection, and business law.

If you’re living in the Los Angeles area and need legal advice on your crypto investments or crypto business, give us a call at 833-ASK-BLAKE.

Our Practice Areas

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Estate Planning and Administration

At Blake Harris Law, we believe estate planning is for everyone. Even though thinking about what will happen with your assets after you pass away is not pleasant, it is essential to make sure that your family will be taken care of according to your will. We make creating a will or power of attorney an easy and quick process that will provide comfort and reassurance for your loved ones after you are gone.

The will is only a segment of estate planning; we also cover power of attorney planning regarding minor children care. Our lawyers will work with you to create a plan to divide your belongings for the people you choose. We can administer estates in Los Angeles, guide the executor through the process, and assist with paying applicable taxes, previous debts, and distributing assets.

Asset Protection

We help our clients protect their hard-earned wealth from creditors, current or former spouses, malpractice claims, foreclosure deficiencies, or greedy lawsuit-obsessed individuals. Using proven strategies to safeguard your capital, tactics to shield your valuables, and tools to preserve the result from years of work, you can rest assured your assets will be safe with Blake Harris Law.

Our attorneys will help create more efficient protection of your crypto and tangible assets by using retirement plans, trusts, and annuities. We ensure that our clients’ asset protection is a top priority while keeping your needs and life goals in mind.

Crypto Asset Protection

The IRS has deemed cryptocurrency a taxable asset. It can be classified as property. As property, this means it can be a target of legal action, resulting in the loss of cryptocurrency assets—which can be in the hundreds of thousands and millions in digital currency. Protecting your crypto assets will become vital in ensuring that if at any point your assets become the target of legal action, it will have extra layers of security and present a greater challenge for any persons or entities who try to seize them.

Business Law

Having a skilled business law attorney to act as outside general counsel throughout your company’s lifecycle is vital to safeguarding your business. At Blake Harris Law, our lawyers guide clients in a variety of ways including the formation of the business; raising capital from angel investors and venture capitalists; advising on legal and business issues as the business scales; strategizing a corporate restructuring; and even helping to negotiate and facilitate a M&A or taking the company public in an initial public offering.

Probate and Trust

Depending on the situation, estate planning probate can be quick and simple or time-consuming and complex. A straightforward estate with an uncontested and clear will can go through probate quickly, without any complications. However, others may be more difficult to complete due to numerous factors, including a lack of will, creditor claims, the will’s validity, or a surviving spouse’s rights.

Our Los Angeles estate planning attorneys can explain the process and advise you on protecting your wealth and the people involved. Depending on the case’s complexity, we will submit the necessary paperwork, keep track of dates, and accompany you to any future hearings.

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Allow Blake Harris Law to work for you to protect your crypto and tangible assets and establish the appropriate trust for your financial needs. Whether it is a simple or complex situation, our Los Angeles attorneys will use their deep expertise to advise and assist you during every step of the process.

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