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San Francisco Estate Planning: Get Asset Protection Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Why You Need an Estate Planning Law Firm

High-net-worth individuals and successful entrepreneurs need an estate plan to preserve the capital they worked so hard to create. However, they aren’t the only people who require assistance with San Francisco estate planning and capital protection.

No matter how small or large your asset portfolio is, a well-structured estate plan will help you preserve your wealth and legacy. Whether you are in your thirties or are preparing for retirement, estate planning lawyers will help you plan for the future.

Estate taxes, probate fees, and other factors may reduce the value of your assets. With the right estate plan in place, you can minimize your liability and secure what’s yours. At Blake Harris Law, we understand the complexities of the process and can recommend a strategy that best suits your current needs and life goals.

How to Get Started with San Francisco Estate Planning

Starting with San Francisco estate planning is neither a time-consuming nor complex process when you have professionals by your side to assist you every step of the way.

Our attorneys take the time to get to know each client, help identify your business or life goals, and explain the legal procedures involved. We handle everything, from establishing your assets’ value to setting up a will’s legal structure, transferring documents, and anything in between.

Our law firm can also determine any possible issues that could endanger your assets and prepare a comprehensive strategy to preserve your wealth.

Our Practice Areas

Serving San Francisco and the surrounding areas, you can count on Blake Harris Law for:

Estate Administration and Planning

At our law firm, we believe estate planning is for everyone. Even though thinking about what will happen with your assets after you pass away is not pleasant, it is essential to make sure that your family will be taken care of according to your will. We make creating a will or power of attorney an easy and quick process that will provide comfort and reassurance for your loved ones after you are gone.

The will is only a segment of estate planning; we also cover power planning regarding minor children care. Our lawyer will work with you to create a plan to divide your belongings for the people you choose. We can administer estates in San Francisco, guide the executor through the process, and assist with paying applicable taxes, previous debts, and distributing assets.

Asset Protection

We help our clients protect their hard-earned wealth from creditors, current or former spouses, malpractice claims, foreclosure deficiencies, or greedy lawsuit-obsessed individuals. You must think and act quickly to protect your assets in today’s predatory world. Using proven strategies to safeguard your capital, tactics to shield your valuables, and tools to preserve the result from years of work, you can rest assured your assets will be safe with Blake Harris Law.

Our attorneys will help create more efficient protection of your assets by using retirement plans, trusts, and annuities. We ensure that our client’s asset protection is a top priority while keeping your needs and life goals in mind.

Probate and Trust

Depending on the situation, estate planning probate can be quick and simple or time-consuming and complex. A straightforward estate with an uncontested and clear will can go through probate quickly, without any complications. However, others may be more difficult to complete due to numerous factors, including a lack of will, creditor claims, will’s validity, or a surviving spouse’s rights.

Going through probate without legal representation may complicate the process even more and delay the court’s decision.

Our San Francisco estate planning attorneys can explain the process and advise you on protecting your wealth and the people involved. Depending on the case’s complexity, we will submit the necessary paperwork, keep track of dates, and accompany you to any future hearings.

We know that the probate and trust process can be intimidating, but with effective legal assistance, everything will go smoother.

Elder Law

At Blake Harris Law, our attorneys work with seniors, taking a comprehensive approach to legal issues that the elderly face, including health care, financial well-being, and housing.

We can help family caregivers consider various options and explain how to plan for the future. By understanding your unique situation, we may appoint a conservator or guardian who will make decisions about the health, medical care, and safety welfare of your loved ones.

Our San Francisco estate planning attorneys have experience in all areas and can handle all of your asset protection and planning needs. From trust administration to elder fraud and abuse, Medicare appeals, social security claims, and preservation of assets, you can rest assured we will preserve your family’s financial future.

As your loved ones age, they lose the ability to make certain decisions for themselves as their cognitive abilities decline. Combined with the fact that there is an unfortunate pattern of financial abuse of seniors, your loved one may need certain protections to make sure that they are not taken advantage of and their assets are preserved. In addition, there may be other decisions that will need to be made on the senior’s behalf such as legal decisions or other health and welfare decisions.

An estate planning attorney can assist with appointing a guardian or conservator for your loved one. A guardian will make decisions about the health, safety welfare of your loved one such as medical care or living situations. A conservator will attend to the senior’s legal and financial matters and will look out for their interests and make sure that they are effectively represented. These require a legal process that must go through the courts in order to be put in place.

Blake Harris Law has experience in all of these areas and can handle all of your asset protection and estate planning needs. They can work to both protect your assets and help you devise a plan for your family's financial future. They have worked with individuals of all net worths to help them develop effective solutions to both estate planning and asset protection. Contact them today to find out how they can help you protect and secure your family and loved one’s financial future.

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