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Protecting Property: Exploring Homestead Exemptions by State

homestead located at Vermont

Have you found yourself struggling financially? Perhaps you’ve taken on more debt than you can handle and now have to file for bankruptcy. Or, maybe you recently lost your job and worry you’ll fall behind on your payments. Any sort of financial difficulty can be stressful, but it becomes even more worrying when your home […]

Retirement Income and Protection Plan Guidance: State-by-State

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Year after year, you’ve dutifully saved for retirement. What happens if creditors come knocking? Do they have any right to seize your retirement funds, or is that money protected? It depends. If you’ve stashed your money in one of several ERISA- (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) qualified plans, you’re usually safe. If not, your retirement […]

Beyond Money: The Emotional and Psychological Cost of Lawsuits

man emotionally stress in his lawsuits

Lawsuits can disrupt your life. Whether someone sues you or you take legal action against another party, a legal process drains your time, money, and mental resources. Many people disregard the emotional and psychological cost of lawsuits. However, it’s important to be aware of the emotional toll of legal proceedings. If you’re facing a serious […]

Understanding the Prevalence of Lawsuits in Modern America

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As a high-net-worth individual, your wealth is at risk. Americans file lawsuits for seemingly endless reasons. Understanding the prevalence of lawsuits in modern America can help you put this concern into perspective so you can begin protecting your wealth today. Many incidents could land you in hot water, from traffic mishaps to typos in your […]

High-Stakes Scandals: High-Profile Celebrity Lawsuit Disasters

celebrity photographed by photographers at event

Almost anyone could deal with a sticky lawsuit at some point, but the stakes are typically higher and garner a lot more attention when you’re a celebrity. You might have followed some high-profile celebrity lawsuit disasters before, from divorce and custody cases to intellectual property conflicts. Notorious celebrity lawsuit cases often end with side A […]

Cook Islands Trust Fees Beyond Setup Costs

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If you plan on opening an offshore trust in the Cook Islands, that’s probably a smart choice. This jurisdiction offers strong asset protection as it doesn’t recognize foreign judgments. Creditors must file fraudulent transfer claims with Cook Islands courts, a burdensome and expensive process many won’t attempt. However, you may have some questions about Cook […]

Setting Up a Cook Islands Trust While in a Lawsuit

married couple setting up trust account with financial advisor

Cook Islands offshore trusts provide one of the strongest levels of asset protection in the world. Many wealthy individuals choose the Cook Islands due to its favorable laws during legal proceedings. But what happens if the lawsuit has already begun before you set up the trust? Experienced asset protection attorneys from Blake Harris Law discuss […]

Here’s How Much It Costs To Maintain an Offshore Trust

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Setting up an offshore trust isn’t as simple as stashing your money in the Bahamas and calling it a day. You’ll have to consider setup fees, administrative charges, legal costs, and other expenses. Those fees can add up quickly, but the peace of mind an offshore trust brings is often well worth it. Wondering how […]

How Safe Is an Offshore Trust for Wealth Protection?

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Offshore trusts are often viewed as a top-tier asset protection strategy for the wealthiest individuals, but do they safeguard assets the way many claim? The safety of offshore trusts largely depends on the jurisdiction you select, how you structure the trust, and more. So, how safe is an offshore trust for wealth protection, and what […]

Cayman Islands Trusts and Cook Islands Trusts: A Comparison

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The Cayman Islands and Cook Islands stand as premier jurisdictions for trust creation and management, drawing individuals and businesses worldwide due to their financial acumen, robust legal frameworks, and well-regulated environments. Considering establishing a trust in one of these offshore jurisdictions? This article examines the similarities and differences between trust structures in the Cayman Islands […]