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How Safe Is an Offshore Trust for Wealth Protection?

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Offshore trusts are often viewed as a top-tier asset protection strategy for the wealthiest individuals, but do they safeguard assets the way many claim? The safety of offshore trusts largely depends on the jurisdiction you select, how you structure the trust, and more. So, how safe is an offshore trust for wealth protection, and what […]

Cayman Islands Trusts and Cook Islands Trusts: A Comparison

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The Cayman Islands and Cook Islands stand as premier jurisdictions for trust creation and management, drawing individuals and businesses worldwide due to their financial acumen, robust legal frameworks, and well-regulated environments. Considering establishing a trust in one of these offshore jurisdictions? This article examines the similarities and differences between trust structures in the Cayman Islands […]

The Ultimate Guide to Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

real estate investors talking about asset protection

Imagine a scenario where a tenant is injured on your property and is claiming seven figures in damages. This tenant hires an aggressive attorney who finds out you have deep pockets and wants to sue you for “everything you’re worth.” What if, instead of finding out that you’ve built an empire, the attorney and his […]

Protecting Assets in High-Net-Worth Divorce: A Full Guide

couple discussing divorce documents

Breaking up a marriage is always stressful, especially if you’re preparing to navigate a high-net-worth divorce. With many assets to divide and a lot of money on the table, divorce can turn into a protracted, public, litigated mess that strips away much of your hard-earned property. Knowing the ins and outs of this process can […]

Offshore LLCs: A Versatile Asset Protection Tool

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Offshore LLCs (limited liability companies) can hold, manage, and protect assets, provide business flexibility, and preserve your privacy. Many choose to set up an offshore LLC in Saint Kitts and Nevis. Other popular locations include the Cook Islands, Belize, and Singapore. Let’s dive deeper into what an offshore LLC is and how it can contribute to […]

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

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If you’re preparing to walk down the aisle, you might have considered whether to get a prenuptial agreement or wait until you’re married and opt for a postnuptial agreement. Whether you choose one or the other, or even both, having one of these agreements in place can provide you with a financial safeguard. Without a […]

Why Social Media Influencers Need Asset Protection: A Guide

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Influencers need to protect their brand. Without the right strategy your content, assets, reputation, and livelihood could be at risk. Blake Harris Law is here to explain why social media influencers need asset protection and to break down some strategies. Why do social media influencers need asset protection? Social media platforms have grown in popularity […]

Asset Protection for Boats and Yachts: Your Complete Guide

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Boats and yachts are major investments. After purchasing one, you want to ensure it stays safe. Asset protection for boats and yachts is crucial to avoid unnecessary risks, but you need to know how to do it the right way to avoid pitfalls. What asset protection strategies are available, and how can you go about […]

Secure Asset Protection for Airplanes and Other Aircraft

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You’ve worked hard to be able to purchase your airplane, so it makes sense that you’d like to shield it from creditors and other threats in whatever way you can. That’s where asset protection for airplanes and other aircraft comes in. Whether you own your aircraft for business or pleasure, protecting your investment is important. […]

Using an Irrevocable Trust in a Divorce Settlement

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The divorce process is not something you want to plan for, but neither is losing your assets. Adequate planning increases your ability to protect your assets in a divorce during the division process. A popular route many people choose is an irrevocable trust as it provides a great level of security over your assets. You’ve […]