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How to Move Assets into an Offshore Trust (and Why You Should)

When you think of offshore trusts, images of shady corporations stashing their money away to avoid taxes or commit financial crimes may come to mind. Although offshore trusts sometimes are portrayed negatively in movies and the media, they actually offer a legitimate and legal way to protect your assets from creditors, divorce, and other entities […]

When Do You Need an Offshore Trust To Protect Your Assets?

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Do you have several high-value assets? Are you in a field like medicine, engineering, or a different high-income industry where you could face judgments in lawsuits? When do you need an offshore trust over other asset protection measures to guard your real estate, investments, cryptocurrency, and other assets? Offshore trusts maintain your assets in foreign […]

Real Estate Asset Protection Attorney

When you own property, one mistake can put everything you’ve worked for during your lifetime at risk. Many people believe that an insurance policy can protect them from lawsuits, settlements, and debt payments, but policy limits and claim exclusions can leave your real estate holdings vulnerable. A real estate asset protection attorney can help protect […]

Equity Stripping Asset Protection: How Does it Work?

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Equity stripping asset protection strategies provide a brilliantly simple yet effective way for debtors to shield their assets – often real estate – from creditors. Below, we go into detail about the practice of equity stripping, including how it works, different strategies, benefits and drawbacks, and common misconceptions. While equity stripping may sound straightforward, it’s […]

Strategic Default: When Is It Worth It to Walk Away?

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As the housing market becomes more tumultuous, many homeowners debate whether it’s worth it to continue investing in their properties. Housing prices fluctuate often. When market prices decrease, some individuals may end up with a mortgage balance that exceeds their home’s value. Even if they can afford the monthly cost, some homeowners choose to halt […]

Cayman Island Trusts

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The Cayman Islands is one of the leading jurisdictions for the formation and management of trusts. STAR Trusts are a special type of trust\authorized under the laws of the Cayman Islands. STAR Trusts have several different uses and features that set them apart from trusts in other jurisdictions. This article will discuss the main characteristics […]

How To Protect Real Estate From Lawsuits

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Whether you own rental property or want additional protection for your personal residence, there are several solutions available to protect real estate, including irrevocable trusts, offshore trusts, limited liability companies, and equity stripping. Your business and personal liability could cost you more than just money and other assets if you receive a judgment in a […]

Nevada Asset Protection Trust with Greg Crawford

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In this podcast, Blake interviews Greg Crawford, the president, founder, and CEO of Crawford Trust Company in Nevada. They discuss the benefits of the Nevada Asset Protection Trust for asset protection, tax benefits, and dynasty provisions, as well as strategies to protect assets. Blake: Welcome to today’s show, we have a very special guest for […]

What You Need to Know About Swiss Banks with Jamie Vrijhof-Droese

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Jamie Vrijhof-Droese joins Blake on his podcast today to find out what you need to know about Swiss Banks and offshore banking. Blake: Jamie, thank you for being on the show with me today. Pleasure to see you over Zoom it was nice seeing you a few weeks ago when I was out in Zurich. […]

Equity Stripping Real Estate for Asset Protection

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The key component of offshore asset protection is to remove property from the reach of U.S. courts’ jurisdiction. Naturally, in the case of U.S. real estate, this is especially problematic. Real estate always falls under the jurisdiction of the place it is in. While you may not be able to remove the actual property to […]