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The Anti-Hero of Cook Islands Trust

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Previously, the idea of Cook Islands trusts has come under attack by public naysayers, who some dub “The Anti-Hero of Cook Islands Trust Asset Protection.” These authors have penned a number of articles that cast these offshore trusts in a negative light, but do these write-ups tell the full story? While similar published material portrays […]

Why Offshore Trusts Might Not Be Right for You

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Wealthy Americans have taken advantage of offshore trusts for decades. A recent IRS study found that about 60% of those who land in the top 0.01% in the United States in terms of wealth keep assets in foreign accounts. If offshore trusts are good enough for these Americans, could you also benefit from them? Possibly. But […]

The Evolution of International Trust Laws: From 1984 to Today

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International trust laws govern the process of setting up a means of protecting your assets across international borders. As an American citizen, you can set up an international trust to control your assets beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. civil creditors. U.S. judges cannot gain access to your assets because of how international trust laws are […]

Can Your Inheritance Be at Risk of a Lawsuit?

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  A recent U.S. Federal Reserve survey found that fewer than one-third of American households are fortunate enough to receive inheritances when their loved ones pass away. It also discovered that about 90% of households lucky enough to land inheritances only receive an average of between $9,700 and $45,900. If you ever find out you’re […]

Best Offshore Bank Accounts for Asset Protection

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If you want to protect your assets and keep your finances private, offshore banking might be on your radar. What are the best offshore bank accounts for asset protection? People who move money out of their home country often choose international banks in Switzerland, the Cook Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, and various other countries. Below, […]

What Assets Can Be Taken in a Lawsuit?

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No matter what your net worth is, work to protect it. More specifically, protect your assets in case of a lawsuit. What assets can be taken in a lawsuit filed against you? Make sure you can answer this question to avoid having to part ways with assets following a legal battle. Let’s take a look […]

Questions To Consider When Hiring a Cook Islands Trust Attorney

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If you are a high-net-worth individual or work in a high-risk profession, you may have already considered asset protection solutions. If you’ve done any research, you’ve probably come across Cook Islands Trusts. Like many offshore trusts, Cook Islands Trusts offer more security and privacy than many domestic trusts. However, establishing any trust is complicated — and […]

The Relationship Between the Cook Islands and New Zealand

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The Cook Islands is one of the best jurisdictions in the world for protecting assets through trusts. If you’re considering using a Cook Islands Trust to protect your wealth, you might wonder why this small island nation is a good choice. The Cook Islands, although independent, has a close relationship with New Zealand. The Cook […]

Misconceptions Surrounding Cook Islands Trusts

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Located about 2,000 miles from New Zealand and 3,000 miles from Hawaii, the Cook Islands are far from just about everywhere. But one conversation they’re always right in the middle of is asset protection. High-net-worth individuals and experienced trust attorneys have long turned to Cook Islands Trusts as robust, legal, and dependable tools for safeguarding […]

Your Legal Requirements for Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

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Have you thought about different strategies to shield your assets from potential lawsuits more effectively? One popular route is to set up offshore asset protection. However, doing so requires a good understanding of the many legal requirements for offshore asset protection. According to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the number of lawsuits filed […]