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A Cook Islands Trust is a type of trust that can be used to plan for multiple generations and protect assets from lawsuits and creditors. This type of trust allows the person who established the trust to also be a beneficiary and enjoy the legal protections afforded to the beneficiaries and assets of such trusts. […]

All About Using a Trust To Protect Assets in a Divorce

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While no one wants to plan for the event that they’ll eventually go through a divorce when getting married, “till death do us part” isn’t for everyone. Divorce is a long and treacherous process, both legally and emotionally. Protecting your assets is one way to ease the pressure of a divorce. Working with the professionals […]

Costs of Establishing a Cook Island Trust 

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Offshore trusts are one of the most well-known and sophisticated asset protection solutions. The best jurisdiction for offshore trusts is well regarded as the Pacific Island nation of the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands stand out as the number one destination due to their long tradition, extremely protective legislation, and favorable caselaw. For these reasons […]

The Cook Islands International Relationship Property Trust Act

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The Cook Islands is the most widely recognized jurisdiction for the establishment of international trusts for asset protection. In the past the main purpose for these types of trusts has been protecting assets from frivolous and aggravating lawsuits or claims by third parties. However, it is often claims from spouses that can create a devastating […]

A Guide to Opening Swiss Bank Accounts for U.S. Citizens

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Switzerland is the world’s primary hub for offshore accounts because of its extensive history of neutrality, economic stability, and banking privacy. Films and television shows have portrayed Swiss banks as the go-to hiding spot for ill-gotten funds. However, these days, Switzerland has strict anti-money laundering laws and tax agreements that have made the country’s banks […]

Asset Protection for the Cannabis Industry

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Any business owner assumes financial risks the moment they open their doors, and cannabis businesses, in particular, face a minefield of complex liabilities. Asset protection for the cannabis industry involves careful, well-thought-out strategies to ensure that your hard-earned wealth does not fall subject to the government’s ever-changing laws. With more states legalizing recreational and medical […]

How to Choose the Right Asset Protection Plan

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Protecting your assets against possible lawsuits, creditors, and other legal threats is an important step to take towards your financial security. Asset protection includes a variety of legal strategies designed to safeguard property from potential claims. Some of the most prevalent asset protection solutions include limited liability companies and offshore asset protection trusts. This article will discuss a […]

How to Protect Your Wealth with John Williams

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In this podcast, John Williams, a real estate investor who creates educational Youtube videos, interviews me. : Blake: Does Andrew Tate have an offshore trust? He’s someone who often talks about having multiple bank accounts. He’s one that talks about having multiple passports, all good advice. Life’s not just about making money; it’s about learning […]

Offshore Asset Protection for Gold and other Precious Metals

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Throughout history, gold has been highly prized and used for various purposes. Gold has been used as a form of currency, a store of value, and a medium of exchange. Gold is widely used in jewelry, decorative arts, technology, and coinage. It also has important industrial applications in electronics, dentistry, and aerospace technology. Gold is […]

Prenup vs. Trust: Which Is Right For Your Asset Protection? 

Before your wedding day, putting the proper legal arrangements in place to protect your assets can save you a lot of stress and headaches down the line. People often think of prenuptial agreements as the only pre-marriage asset protection plans. But did you know an asset protection trust may accomplish the same goals — and […]